Configure Price Quote Solutions

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Companies making customized products need to produce quick and accurate custom quotes. Sungrace's Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions help manufacturers, that produce assets with large variations and customization, increase revenue and reduce costs. We leverage commercial off the shelf software and custom development to build a solution that is just right for you.

  1. Enable yours sales staff or dealer network respond to RFQ's almost instantaneously and accurately
  2. Generate custom proposals and quotes on a desktop or in a web browser using a laptop or a mobile device
  3. Capture and integrate product configuration and design rules so that the most appropriate products are quoted in a guided selling environment
  4. Completely eliminate quotation errors
  5. Hook up to CAD based design automation to generate accurate product 3D models and 2D drawings
  6. Track all prospects and every single proposal made by your extended organization. Integrate with your CRM and supercharge the entire sales life cycle -  content based marketing, contact management and forecasting
  7. Integrate design data, order configuration and BOM with your MRP/ ERP systems

For manufacturers of highly customized assets, a CPQ solution needs to be at the core of the organizations digital vision.

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