Software Development Process

Sungrace-Software-Development-Process-1024x576In the software development world the days of yearly release cycles are quickly becoming things of the past. Software is increasingly being made available as a service. This SaaS model means that developers release new features or fixes more frequently and are better aligned to user needs. Program changes are quick, evolutionary and seamless. Developers can quickly build applications using readily available platform as a service (PaaS) – getting lot of commonly used functionality out of the box. Even companies developing add-in’s to existing products are taking an app approach to quickly build minimum viable products and then expand them based on user needs. Sungrace has aligned its software development process to the reality of today. Most of our software projects are executed using Agile programming methods.

Software requirement specifications are still essential to embark on a project to understand the required features, budgets and schedule. Sungrace helps develop these specifications for the customer, using user experience and visual mock-up tools to communicate features and work-flows.

Once there is a broad buy-in on the features and the user experience, in many cases we help customers makeĀ  decision on technology and platform selection. Build vs buy, delivery mechanism (native, web app, cloud), number of users, size of data are all considered. The product architecture is elaborated and thought out at this time.

The actual development follows in series of weekly or bi-weekly iterations. Every iteration starts with a project stakeholders meeting, deciding the features to take up in that iteration. Every feature or story is then designed, coded, tested and integrated. The iteration ends in a submission or delivery that is as comprehensive as possible – customers get incremental features and code that can be internally deployed an tested. The number of iterations depends on the project and team size, however, the product manager is always in control of the project schedule and budget.

Sungrace sets up web portals for project management – giving visibility to upcoming tasks, issues and resources. A source repository, control and defect tracking portal is setup. Mobile app exchange mechanism is setup. The customer side product manager or development team can access these resources real-time. Collaboration is instantaneous through web meetings and chat tools.

Once the product is close to completion, Sungrace helps with creating developer level or user level documentation, installation and deployment.

Please check out this website for more information, we are happy to answer your questions. Make sure you call us for your next software development project, we would love to make you a proposal and build an awesome software for you!

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